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About us:  Our  Vision

Over the last few years, we have prayed, discussed and chewed over the big questions of our identity and purpose as a church.

Some of the the big influences through this process were

  • self-reflection in the leadup to our 50th anniversary

  • the impact and challenge of the 'Not a Fan' series

  • the awkwardness of 2 organisations (church & DBBS) with their potentially different goals

  • the challenges of being a smaller church in a disadvantaged community

This journey has given us a clear undustanding of who we are and what we are called to be and do, which is expressed in our new church logo and vision summary artwork (and the fuller statement below).

  • our primary identity and purpose is as followers of Jesus for the whole of our life

  • It is Jesus who is the living Lord of our church and who has gathered us this place to  proclaim and be good news to our local community

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